‘This book is a stunner … one that will always remain in my top ten’ Being Unique Books

‘A little gem with love, loss, and life all within its pages’ Netgalley

‘The writing is perfect, the story is fast-paced, and everything flows smoothly to tie up with a beautiful finish… I would recommend this book to anyone who likes their YA contemporary with a touch of suspense’ This is Lit

Amazon US    Amazon UK


‘Dark, haunting, twisted … unforgettable’ Best Crime Fiction of 2015, The Telegraph

‘Gripping, unusual, and very well written – loved it’ Louise Voss

‘It is a disturbing reflective book that will refuse to loosen its grip on you for quite some time’ Book Fabulous

‘Words have power, and books like this showcase that power to a disturbing degree’ Sci-fi and Scary

Amazon US    Amazon UK


‘Pure, genuine, accessible and extremely moving’ Literogo

‘An excellent collection by an excellent writer’ Mediascover

‘A collection of very well written dark comic tales. They start off innocent enough then completely throw you with a dark twist or something completely bizarre’ Amazon review

Amazon US  Amazon UK

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