Hello Scrivener

I first heard about Scrivener at a Guardian Masterclass on self-publishing in London. It then began to pop up as the software of choice in various books and blogs on the subject, so I thought I’d take a look and downloaded the free trial from Literature & Latte. Within 24 hours I upgraded to the full package.

After years of using Word I’m not going to say the switch to Scrivener was easy. There’s a lot to learn and many questions arise daily if not hourly, but with the help of blogs, YouTube videos, and Scrivener for Dummies I’m muddling through to format my first scripts for ebook publication.

SHOPPINGThe major advantage of Scrivener is of course its ability to do the formatting for you – in a number of different ways in order to satisfy the needs of Kindle, Kobo, iBooks etc.

So far I’ve been particularly impressed by how it compiles a proof copy. It produces an easy-to-read script with lots of space for corrections.

Anyway, after much huffing and puffing and frantic searching for answers on great mysteries such as how to ensure all my paragraph indents match, I have managed to publish on Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords etc a dark, humorous short story called, SHOPPING AT TESCO. And, with even more effort I’ve managed to ensure it is available for free.