Call Yourself a Writer?


Writers are people who write. It’s got nothing to do with being published by a traditional trade publisher, an independent press or self-published.



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Equal Reviews for Women Authors


At last night’s Bafta TV awards there was a call for equal representation for actresses (ERA 50:50). Women make up half the population and should be equally visible in the media. Similarly, women authors get a bum deal in the book pages of the mainstream media, as shown above in my brief survey. Bottom of the class was the Evening Standard, the Sunday Times was slightly better and even though the Guardian comes top, there is still much room for improvement.


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Threats to Literature


Last week the Guardian reported that novelist Joanna Trollope considers JK Rowling’s use of Twitter to be a threat to literature. Trollope was chatting at a London literary party at the time and it was probably the posh equivalent of pub talk, but what are the real threats to literature?

‘Insanely unique and beautiful’ My Life as a Bench is available from Amazon UK and Amazon US etc.