Five Star Stories #Kindle Countdown

TSUNAMI_thumbnail.jpg‘Pure, genuine, accessible and extremely moving. From parkour to euthanasia, from sexual predators to finding a dead body in your yard; from accidental heroism to hereditary predilections towards infidelity; the range of subjects covered in these stories is vast’ Literogo

‘A collection of very well written dark comic tales. They start off innocent enough then completely throw you with a dark twist or something completely bizarre. Highly recommended’ Dean Winstanley, Goodreads

‘I’ve found in London Tsunami exactly what I’ve been looking for: extremely talented contemporary short story authors, the modern, living, active writers with the very real potential of joining the greats’ Mediascover


On offer until 22 February 2016 Amazon UK click here.

On offer 21-28 February 2016 Amazon US click here.

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